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Paul Stephenson writes pulp fiction for the digital age. His first novel series – the apocalyptic Blood on the Motorway trilogy – has been an Amazon bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic. A former journalist, he has a diploma in Creative Writing from Oxford University.

His stories have been featured on the chart-topping horror podcasts, The Other Stories and The Night’s End. His newest project, the ebook serial The Sunset Chronicles, is a dystopian sci-fi thriller that will delight and terrify fans of science fiction and horror alike. He is also the creator of the upcoming podcast, Bleakwood, tales of terror from a mysterious English town, and one half of the All Creatives Now team, with fellow horror author, Kev Harrison.

He lives in England with his wife, two children, and one hellhound.

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Paul Stephenson
Sci-fi and horror author of Blood on the Motorway and the Sunset Chronicles. He/Him.